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The entire movement is so rhythmic and patterned that it can pass for a choreographed performance. The young maidens and boys took the last two weeks before the festival to put finishing touches to new dance steps and tunes. me as a writer essay hero Though the style and methods may differ from one community to the next, the essential components that make up the festival remain the same. Languages Igbo Edit links.

The New Yam festival is a highly captivating art event. The man had six wives already but she went ahead to become the seventh wife. how to write research proposal cover page Languages Igbo Edit links.

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The movement of the feast depends on how early or late the rains came that year. The dance steps are not so fast like in Asonogun dance but it follows a pattern in its back and forward sways. The evening prior to the day of the festival, all old yams from the previous year's crop are consumed or discarded.

They take pride in their yam farms which they tender with utmost care and devote attention. As the dance group which consist mostly singers and instrumentalists draw closer to the square, masquerades begin to emerge from different directions with each displaying some thrilling acrobatic moves. Iwa ji also shares some similarities with the Asian Mid-Autumn Festival , as both are based on the cycles of the moon and are essentially community harvest festivals. This meal is generously available to anyone who stops by and choice drinks are available to wash down the mussels of pounded yam. Less work is done during this period and frequent bath and polishing of the skin with traditional coconut oil or palm kernel oil is encouraged to repair whatever damage the tropical sun must have done to the skin.

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Palm oil mmanu nri is used to eat the yam. Most importantly the cooking, eating and drinking continues. its only a paper moon writer Her sorrow was not to be forever as a palm wine tapper watching the compound closely from his trees soon revealed the ordeal she was made to face everyday.

As is customary to the people, so much more than the immediate family can consume is prepared and friends and well-wishers from other communities not yet celebrating come to help out with the excesses and the host shows his gratitude by ensuring a free flow of palm wine and other drinks as may be requested by the much appreciated guest. The story is not the same through out Esan land, but the yam crop is central to all Esan people. professional essay writers education in india It is a whole calabash with stringed beads on its body.

This page was last edited on 23 April , at The Kokoma group is dominated by women and their main instrument of music is the bongo drum and ukoese which is a musical piece close to the maracas. The Festival has become a major event in the tourism calendar of Edo State and it attracts tourists in their thousands to the State in the ten weeks that it runs. dissertation help free thesis database Languages Igbo Edit links.

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The entire community wakes up to great entertainment on the next day. The evening prior to the day of the festival, all old yams from the previous year's crop are consumed or discarded. Republished by Philip Emeagwali. Usually at the beginning of the festival, the yams are offered to gods and ancestors first before distributing them to the villagers. The New Yam festival is a highly captivating art event.

In some communities the celebration lasts a whole day, while in many places it may last a week or more. The ritual is performed either by the oldest man in the community or by the king or eminent title holder. This is because it is believed that the New Year must begin with tasty, fresh yams instead of the old dried-up crops of the previous year. Folk dances , masquerades , parades , and parties create an experience that some participants characterize as "art"; the colorful festival is a spectacle of exhibited joy, thanks, and community display. This breakfast period is exploited by teen cultural groups to showcase themselves from one family compound to the other.

Languages Igbo Edit links. The New Yam Festival is a living legacy amongst the Esan speaking people that will remain as part of the spiritual and material content of their culture forever. Guests visiting for the first time without their video cameras have always regretted it. The New Yam festival is a highly captivating art event.

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