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The only issue with this is that it 'forces' a space after the '-' that you would have to remove manually or with a macro or you could add a space between the 'A' and the '-' in the label so the spacing is even but that may not be consistent with the rest of your thesis. Click the Set for All Levels You will note that clicking on the button in the bottom right of the Styles section in the Home tab, caused a floating Styles window to be displayed.

Set Follow number with: You may want to add captions to tables already entered into your document or, alternatively, you may want to have captions automatically added to any new tables you create. For example, for any bolded items in the list on the left under Accessibility Checker: Under Indentation , beside Left , set the size you want for the tab that will be used for the 2nd and subsequent lines of your entry.

Beside Show measurements in units of: You could base it on the Appendix style and then format it as you like it. If there is, click on the checkbox to remove the checkmark and click the OK button.

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Return your outline to showing only level 1 headings. You will likely have a number on your title page and we want to remove this. Thesis template odt Type some information that will constitute the Title Page of your thesis. A template is a collection of formatting, styles, macros and possibly text.

The footnote separator is the thin line that appears between the bottom of your page and any footnote text that may be on that page. Want to get back to the last place you were working? You may wish to have the chapter number appended to the table or figure number in the caption, such as Table 1. Thesis template odt In Draft view you could also click on the close button on the right side. As mentioned above, Word has nine levels of built-in heading styles, Heading 1 to Heading 9.

The numbering will also apply to any subsequent headings that you enter. Set Number alignment to Left , set Aligned at to 0 and set Text indent at to 0. Thesis template odt The rumour that it was a very expensive Stradivarius was simply that, mere rumour.

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After making changes in your document, to update the Table of Contents, right click on it and choose Update Field; you will then be prompted to Update page numbers only or to Update entire table; choose one and then click OK. You will see if you are in Draft view the following code: Click Assign , Close and then OK. help with writing a dissertation for construction students download Now select the Line and Page Breaks tab.

Footnotes and endnotes Footnotes and endnotes are handled in a similar fashion, except that footnotes appear at the bottom of the current page, and endnotes appear at the end of the document. Now, we must reset levels 2, 3, Navigate to and select the first document. proquest dissertations search guidelines Click OK note that the type of numbering you choose for your Heading 1s will be used Repeat the above, but choose Figure in the Label box. Click on the page number on the right side of the page and drag the square boxes so that the box the page number is in spans the width or height in this case of your page.

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Note that the text now reads: The caption for both figures and tables defaults to left alignment. In the Home tab, click Replace on the far right in the Editing section. Thesis template odt Some of these Documents were produced by Minas Dasygenis's students, and they are presented in their original form. The pages of the front material of the thesis all components up to and including the Table of Contents should be numbered in lower case Roman numerals, but no page number should appear on the first page.

A style is a collection of formatting that details the font, font size, font highlighting bold, italics, etc. Now you should NOT have a page number on your title page, but you should still have page numbers on all the pages following the title page. Thesis template odt Click the Set for All Levels Click on the page number text and press Crtl-E to centre the text vertically this could also be done with the middle alignment button in the Home tab.

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